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Reading Objects, Watching YouTube, Writing Biography, and Teaching Life Writing: Student Engagement When Learning Online During Covid-19

Kate Douglas, Kylie Cardell, Marina Deller & Edith Hill

Life Writing - March 2022

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Friday essay: when television hosts take their shows home they fuel nostalgia

Edith Hill

The Conversation - April 2020


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‘With this first cigarette, I kissed childhood goodbye’: Girlhood in crisis in Persepolis

Kate Douglas, Edith Hill, Shannon Sandford & Jacob Linsenmeier

Textual Practice - forthcoming 2022

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Edith Hill

Flinders University - March 2022

PhD student Edith Hill shares the experience with a sociology symposium

How academic friendship transformed our PhD experience

Edith Hill & Marina Deller

Flinders University - May 2022

Marina Deller-Evans and Edith Hill present at Word Fest

Edith Hill & Marina Deller

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